6 Remarkable Ways Music Can Improve Your Life

July 18, 2016

Is it possible that music can improve your life? My answer is a resounding yes. For those seeking serenity, exploring the benefits will prove helpful.


“The music in my heart I bore long after it was heard no more.” William Wordsworth file9571346985888 Mogue


What Music Can Do For You

  • Activates different areas of the brain

  • Lifts mood

  • Provides relaxation

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Benefits those dealing with serious illness

  • Provides spiritual strength


A Finnish study indicates multiple areas of the brain are affected by music. Emotions and creativity are affected by rhythm and tone. The beat influences the body’s motor network.


Research shows that listening to music benefits the brain by increasing spatial reasoning. Adults who had music lessons as a child are more sensitive to music. This doesn’t mean that you can’t appreciate music, if you’ve never had training. But it does prove that music is beneficial during a child’s development.


As a child, music was a part of my world. My parents were involved theater work, so I was exposed to a variety of music. From Broadway music to Rock and Roll in my teens, music became a part of my life. But Classical became a favorite in my adult years.



A Natural Mood Elevator

Music can lift your mood. Classical music is soothing and used in hospitals. In surgical and OB units, music provides relaxation, aiding in pain control.  Oncology units use music therapists to work with cancer patients. The therapy is known to improve mood and decrease anxiety.



A Spiritual Connection

Music provides spiritual strength. Christians sing praises to The Father making a spiritual connection to Him. Hymns provide comfort during grief. Other forms of Christian music elevate the spirit through uplifting words and rhythms.


My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast; I will sing, yes, I will sing praises! Psalm 57:7



A way To Destress

I believe music helped me through nursing school. During those years, I belonged to a group called Up With Charity. Accompanied by guitars, we sang religious folk songs for churches. Through my participation, I experienced hope and courage.

Inspirational music can lift your spirit and send positive messages to your brain

Consider listening to music on your drive home from work. Taking time to destress after a long day can be beneficial. Hearing a melody can redirect your thoughts. If insomnia is a problem, try listening to tranquil music about 30 minutes before going to sleep.

What benefits have you found in listening to music? What type do you find relaxing?

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